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December 2007  
December 30 & 31, 2007—We play house at the cottage  
December 28, 2007—I bring beds to the cottage  
December 26, 2007—Boxing Day at the site  
December 21, 2007—Solstice at the site  
December 19, 2007—Gloom & cold don’t stop the progress  
December 14, 2007—I view things from a higher plane  
December 12, 2007—Our ceiling beams are hung (for better or for worse)  
December 7, 2007—We get our shower floor  
December 5, 2007—The carport goes up  
November 2007  
November 30, 2007—Finally, we have running water!  
November 28, 2007—The sheathing continues  
November 23, 2007—We have walls!  
November 16, 2007—Exterior framing is almost complete  
November 14, 2007—The great “ear” debate begins  
November 9, 2007—The utility wing gets its ears!  
November 7, 2007—We are above it all . . .  
November 2, 2007—More sheer and some plumbing  
October 2007  
October 31, 2007—Halloween at the site  
October 26, 2007—Framing the living room—and more  
October 24, 2007—Framing resumes  
October 19, 2007—Rained out!  
October 17, 2007—The house is suddenly very tall . . .  
October 12, 2007—When it rains, it pours!  
October 10, 2007—Framing begins, despite a little rain  
October 5, 2007—The slab dries in the sun . . .  
October 2 & 3, 2007—The floor is poured!  
September 2007  
September 28, 2007—Ready for the pour  
September 26, 2007—Tubing for radiant heating is laid  
September 21—The crew begins to install void-form and slab insulation  
September 18 & 19, 2007—Grade-beams, cottage plaster finished and more . . .  
September 7, 2007—Work on the grade-beam cages almost complete  
September 5, 2007—More progress on grade-beam cages  
August 2007  
August 29, 2007—Plumbing disaster averted  
August 24, 2007 —Trenching for the main house grade-beams begins  
August 22, 2007 —The main house piers are bored  
August 17, 2007 —The main house is positioned  
August 15, 2007—Kai starts installing trim  
August 10, 2007—Preparations for the giant fête  
August 3 , 2007—Paint preparation picks up  
August 1 , 2007—The propane tank arrives  
July 2007  
July 27, 2007—Drywall in the cottage too  
July 25, 2007—Drywall and soy-based polyurethane!  
July 20, 2007—The barn gets puffy  
July 18, 2007—Rain in July!  
July 13, 2007—Terra-forming and drainage  
July 11, 2007—Sprinklers and stairs and more . . .  
July 6, 2007 —Ducting installed  
June 2007  
June 27, 2007—Much activity at the site  
June 22, 2007—Appliances arrive (and an emergency)  
June 20, 2007—The barn gets stripes  
June 15, 2007—We start to get wired  
June 13, 2007—The barn turns brown  
June 8, 2007—The wood is put up on the cottage bay window  
June 6, 2007—Getting ready for the Tyvek inspection  
June 1, 2007—We get County approval for our exterior color  
May 2007  
May 30, 2007—The roofers came, they saw and they roofed  
May 25, 2007—Siding is complete on the 1st floor of the barn  
May 23, 2007—The barn gets windows  
May 16, 2007—Starting up again  
May 9, 2007—Still on stand-by  
May 4, 2007—All quiet on the western front . . .  
May 2, 2007—The roof sheathing goes on  
April 2007  
April 27, 2007 —The Guest Cottage Roof Trusses Arrive  
April 25, 2007—Big events at the site!  
April 20, 2007—The barn roof goes up  
April 18, 2007 —Now we have a ceiling, too  
April 13, 2007—We have walls!  
April 9 2007 —Forming up the barn and guest cottage slabs  
March 2007  
March 28—Things get started . . .