February 22 & 27, 2008—Getting ready for stucco

I took this great shot of “the doors to nowhere”—all the stained doors drying in the barn. The painters take them out of their jams, take the hinges off and stain them, then re-hang them in their jams and set them upright to dry.


It is kind of amusing to make your way through the maze of open doors set up in this third of the barn.

Many years ago, I had a birthday party where I set up a maze to enter the festivities. In that venue, we didn’t really have enough space to do a proper job on the maze. Little did I know that all you need is quite a large space and a whole lot of doors in door jams to make a great maze.

These narrow doors are cupboard doors. We decided to have the cupboard doors match the interior doors rather than having the cabinet makers make them. You lose some space in the cupboard because of the conventional framing, but they are much sturdier and look great too.

Here is Kai’s helper working on the brackets that came from New Mexico in the shrink-wrap. We had thought that the company would carve a grooves on either side of the upright arm of the brackets, so that the stucco can tuck in underneath.

However, it turns out that there was a misunderstanding and they were not set up to do it. Kai’s helper is doing them instead.

Here is one of the brackets with the side routed out.
A stack of brackets will wait in the living room until the painters can get in and seal them. Then they will be installed outside to await stucco.
The pattern was attached to the bathtub surround and has been cut out to receive the bathtub. The plumber needs to put the rough plumbing in place for the bathtub. The little bit of daylight you see at the end of the tub deck will have a little access door to service the tub motor.
Here is the tub with the piece of OSB with the pattern attached resting on it.
The tub still has its shrink-wrap on and we do not want to take it off because the tub will get dirty and damaged, but here is the inside with the air bubble outlets. This is an air tub, which I think is kind of like champagne bubbles as opposed to jacuzzi jets.
Here is a shot of the whole tub.
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