February 6, 2008—More Tyvek and windows

When I left the house this morning—at what my cousin likes to call o’dark thirty—it had been clear, but most of the way to the site there was fog, sometimes so dense I had to use my windshield wipers. When I got to the site, once again, we had our head above the fog at the site.

Kai and his crew had been working on Tyvek wrap and windows since Monday, so they had made some good progress.

Here is Kai in a clerestory window opening, waiting for his helper to bring the window up the ladder on the outside.
For some reason, I cut off the window being installed in this photo, but I like the composition, so here it is. The ladders are on the courtyard side of the living room and we are looking at the kitchen. With everything wrapped in white, it’s hard to see the kitchen pop-out, but it’s there.

Here are more clerestory windows stacked in the kitchen ready for installation.

The stain on the frames looks much brighter and more vivid in the house than it did in the barn. I am very happy with the color and very glad I did not go with something brighter!

In this shot, we are looking from the kitchen, looking toward the master bedroom and out the windows at the blank courtyard wall. It seems odd to be looking through glass after looking through holes all this time.

The front door opening is directly ahead and the opening to the right will house the French doors for the library/media room.

Originally, I was going to have my office in the library, so I wanted a door onto the courtyard so I would not have to bring possible clients through the front door. Now my office is going to be in the barn, but I bet we will still be happy to have these doors in this room.

The window you saw Kai peeking through has now been installed. The big window in the dining room is supposed to be installed on Monday so as we see through the house, we still see open air there.

Welcome to the White House! Until the stucco is put on, you will be able to see our house for miles. I will feel better when we get our nice coat of brown stucco on and are not so visible.

The house is already more prominent than I expected. I have to give the County planner points for better being able to visualize it than I. However, once we get our stucco on it, I think it will fade into the landscape like the barn and cottage do.

Jim’s office window was installed. I was very excited, but he seems quite blazé.
A view from the family room toward the library, shows how much it has dried out since the big rain.

I walked around in the house the whole morning before Kai pointed out that the all-house vacuum pipes had been installed.

There are 5 valves around the house. You have a 20' hose and hook it to one of the valves in order to vacuum anywhere in the house. All the dirt is sucked into a big tank in the mechanical closet in the laundry room. It is pretty quiet, really sucks and you only have to empty it once in a while—plus, this is not a very big-ticket item.

Everyone I know who has one, swears by it, and it sounded like a good idea to me. One thing I have noticed in the cottage, that I had forgotten from my childhood, is that concrete floors show the dirt like crazy.

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