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The Garden—October 2008
October 1, 2008  

I haven’t been down to the rose garden in almost a month, so last month’s garden section is pretty sparse.

We will be moving in two weeks from today, so soon that will change dramatically. I intend to discontinue showing the interior of the house once we are moved in, since I don’t want to show the detritus of everyday living and am sure that our furniture selections are only going to be interesting to us.

I do intend to keep showing the progress on the garden since that is one of the main reasons for moving ”back to the land,” as they used to say when I was young, so the emphasis of the site will shift to the garden and other landscaping efforts.

For today, I have yet another picture of the Bergamot Orange tree. This tree seems very happy and able to take on the vicissitudes of the weather here so far. I am concerned about how it will do later this winter, but will take that as it comes.

The pomegranate tree is loving life. It has put out a whole lot of shoots from its base but I am not going to prune it or shape it until it goes dormant, with a possible touch-up next spring.

One good-sized pomegranate survived the shock of the move and is ripening well. Last year, we had to cover the pomegranates with net to keep the squirrels from eating them. I am going to leave this one alone this year to see what happens. Maybe, this is one fruit that I won’t have to net.
Those two goofy, self-started roses, which we moved into pots earlier this year, seem to be doing fine. The Sally Holmes—tough girl that she is—has produced a flower. The other one—which may be a Fortune’s Double Yellow—I can’t remember and forgot to look at the tag—is also leafed out. I am such a push-over, I couldn’t bear to let them fry in the summer heat, but after all, there is plenty of room here for roses.
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