March 14, 2008—Waterworks

A lot was going on today, but it was not very photogenic, so this is a very short page. The most exciting thing is that the master bathtub was installed. Kai turned it on for us and it bubbles great—much better than I had expected.

With a concrete floor, you have to choose the tub before the floor is poured because the plumber needs to know where to put the drain in relation to the tub. I had found this airbath tub that I liked, for what seemed like a decent price. But I hadn’t seen in it person—just on the internet—and hadn’t talked to anyone in any of the bath and kitchen stores, so I bought it sight unseen. I wish I had known more about tubs and faucets because finding a faucet to fit this tub was very difficult.

Most tub faucets don’t have much reach and this tub has a wide flange around it. The faucet made for the tub is ugly, has no sprayer and costs the earth, so it wasn’t an option. In the end, we had to mount the faucet in the flange to get the spigot to reach the tub. The little prong thingy at the top will hold the “telephone” spray, which will be installed later.

Also, you will notice it is mounted over the grab-bar. That was necessary because I didn’t want the faucet on the front of the deck—too dangerous—nor did I want it on either end because that would limit how you could use the tub. Putting it on one of the back curves would have looked bad because of the symmetrical window arrangement, so the middle was the only option. I hope I don’t kick myself later.

Ginger was very helpful in the tub installation and wants credit.

Our kitchen sink arrived from, wait for it, Costco! This is a very snazzy Blanco sink, and again, I bought it from a 2 inch square, low resolution photo on the net. Luckily, I think I will love this sink. The main requirement was that it be DEEP. I am so sick of getting splashed while trying to dunk a big pan in the sink. Jim and I wanted a sink we could immerse a really big pot in. I wanted a divided sink and Jim wanted a single bowl. I won on this sink, but of course the all-important prep-sink will be single bowl.

When we were leaving today, we caught up with the UPS truck at the bottom of the hill with the other sink in it. It matches this one and is equally as nice.

Here is the guest bath tub. I wanted a real cast-iron tub for the guest bath but all the cast-iron tubs now are so shallow. This one is short—to fit the space—but you can take a bath and get more than your butt wet since it is nice and deep. I hope our guests enjoy it!

I have been showing pix of the range hood for weeks now, but finally, today, realized how high up it is. Kai took off the supports now that we are closed in, and walking up to it, I realize that I won’t be able to reach the switches for the blower or the lights if they are up inside the hood!

It will look great at that height, and we will certainly not hit our heads on it, but having to get a stool to turn on the light over the stove is not acceptable. We will need to come up with a solution. (I am sure that Kai will be very amused that it took until now for me to notice this problem.)


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