March 28, 2008—I'm going to move up to the country & paint my bathtub blue

We are on hiatus, waiting for the County Planner to review some documents so we can complete our inspection. Even so, a little more work has been done.

Our guest bath is a beautiful blue! Actually, this is a protective coating to keep it from getting scratched while the rest of the bathroom is installed. At some point, presumably, the coating will be removed to reveal a pristine and unscratched tub.

(In case you didn't get it, today's title is a reference to the old Taj Mahal song.)


This photo and the one below it show how the dirt has been dug away from the foundation. There will be some insulation installed up against the slab which will then be covered with plaster.

Between the house plaster and the insulation will be an open strip about 1 inch wide. This open strip will act as protection against termites or fungus.

Again, here you can see where the soil has been dug back from the slab in preperation for insulation.

The wood in the foreground covers a ditch to bring water from the barn to the house. The pallet behind covers a "T" off the ditch for a hosebib up the hill for a future vegetable garden.

I don't think I will be able to get those beds in this spring. It looks like it will take a backhoe, wood, gopher cloth and several guys to get the beds installed properly, so it will probably have to wait until at least the fall.

There are two corbels sitting on the scaffolding waiting to be installed under the pine beam by the chimney.
Here is a closer view of the corbels.
They will be installed below the beam on top of the silver thing you see on the wall.
The little roof over the living room exterior door is also on.
Here is another view of the living room door roof.
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