May 30, 2008—Priming complete

Here is another photo of the bathroom cabinets. I am just planning to use plain chrome knobs on them, including the medicine cabinets. We have those in our bathroom now, and I find them very attractive and easy to use.

In my research on knobs and pulls, I have learned more than you could believe from just looking at websites. I now realize that you want a solid brass knob—even for chrome knobs—to get a good, solid knob that doesn’t loose its plating.


The painter put up this big swatch of the final color to the right of the range hood. This is the second “final” color that I had mixed up from the original final color and two others. After an initial panic, I now think it will be fine.
This is essentially the same photo as one on Wednesday, but this one was taken late in the afternoon, so the light is different. You get a much better idea of the color from this picture.
In the afternoon, the light gets very warm in the living room. Even the primer takes on a dark honey color.
I love looking at the arches now that they are finished. The juxtaposition of the shapes is so satisfying to me.
This is from the living room, looking toward the foyer.
Here is the foyer looking toward the little hallway between the kitchen and the dining room. Kai has the closet doors in now and they are looking mighty fine. (The corbels are there to keep them from blowing in the wind.)
Here you can see the detail of the arch a little more clearly. The drywall installers did such a nice job with them. I will remember them forever and the care they took to get everything so exact.
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