May 9, 2008—Camera Disaster!

I am so sad! My little Canon PowerShot SD 500 camera is no more! I got to the site about 11am and took a few pix in the house. The drywall crew was working on the ceilings in the tall rooms and I didn’t want to get in their way. I took some pictures in the garden (see Garden) and then went with Jim to the stone fabricators to show him the dining room granite and cabinet finish together. While we were there, I thought I would take some pictures and pulled my camera out of my purse. It shot out of its little carrying bag onto the hard pavement with a bang, and that was that. It has done such a great job for me and now it’s toast. As a result, there are not very many photos for today. I have ordered a new camera which I hope will arrive before I visit the site next.

Here is the coffer in the foyer with the second layer of finish on the drywall.

This crew is so careful and tidy, I am very impressed. I watched them work on the ceiling in the family room using a special tool which looked kind of like a carpet sweeper to spread mud in an even stripe on the ceiling. What a difference from slapping it on with a trowel any old way!

I moved all the stuff off the front of the fireplace (except for the stuff inside it) to get a better view than Wednesday’s. Todd is back from vacation and I want to ask his opinion about expressed chimney (read fake) and or mantle.
At his request, I took quite a few views of the fireplace and thought this 3/4 view shows it very well.
Right before our ill-fated trip to the stone yard, the stucco crew pulled up with equipment for Monday and another load of cement. We are now the proud owners of the Great Column ’o Cement! It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s taller than I am.
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