September 22 & 23, 2008—Bonus page!

Jim and I came up to stay at the cottage Monday night. We were there to celebrate a family birthday and I had a business meeting in the area the next day, so I got to see some work which had been done over the weekend.

My assistant who, works on Saturdays, started setting the flagstone in the courtyard. I was amazed at how regular some of the pieces were and wondered how they got them broken so cleanly.

Janver has found someone to clean the floor, a company which cleans and finishes floors in commercial buildings for the most part.

The contractor told me that they had three different machines of varying sizes to do this. They had brought the smallest one to try on our floor and cleaned a spot with it in the living room. They decided that they needed to use the next larger machine, which also scrubs the floor, to get off all the dirt.

They were going to put samples of some of the finishes they offer in the foyer closet and we could see if we liked any of them enough to use instead of a stain.

Here are the floor finishes. Of course they don’t look the same in the photo as they do in real life, but you can see them relative to each other at least.

After looking at them several times in different lights, we decided that we are going to have them do the one in the front middle. In real life, it doesn’t look as red as it does on my computer, but it does look beautiful and we think we will be happy with it. How glad I am that I insisted on the integral color in the concrete.

Here is a photo of the dining room chandelier from the living room in the late afternoon light . . .
. . . and a great close-up of it. If you didn’t know about the repair, I bet you wouldn’t guess.
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