August 15, 2008—A lot gets done but it’s hard to see
I came up the hill to the property today and had to pull over to let a truck go down. I recognized the head plaster worker and so was not surprised to see the fireplace had been primed for the final coat. The primer is definitely scary white.
The range hood got the same treatment. It is hard to believe that once, not too long ago, the whole room was this color. Yikes!
The electrician was there installing closet lights. Now when you open a closet door, a light goes on. What a concept! It is going to take us a while to get used to this, since our current house, built in 1920, had nothing this modern in it.
I am not sure that I ever showed the ceiling fan in the master bedroom. Anyway, it is from Modern Fan Company and it is not hooked up yet, so I can’t report how well or poorly it works.
The guest room closet got its lights—two of them—and its catches. Kai spent a lot of time today installing ball catches on cupboards and adjusting the doors so they close properly.
He also installed the ceiling to the guest room closet (or bottom to the guest room cupboard, if you want to think of it that way.) You can also see the catches he installed in this shot.
If you look out in the hall, you can see one blue stripe between the two door jams. That is where the saloon doors—which are leaning up against the wall here in the library—will be hung.
Some of the 4" light trims have been installed. This one is in the front hall and will illuminate a piece of art, or perhaps a mirror, on the wall. Sadly, it will not light up the little desk we had intended to have there with a telephone on it, because the space is too narrow. Oh, well.
By the end of today, with the help of the jackhammer, the plant bed was 2' deep.

Here is the view of the house from the driveway. The painters have brought a bunch of chairs to sit in at lunch time and have left them in front of the house.

I am worried to see that General Debris’ pad is in shadow and worry that you won’t see him in his corner. However, an 8' foot tall, silver robot is kind of hard to overlook . . .

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