August 22, 2008—Finish details: grading, electrical trims and more
When I got to the site on Friday, the gravel work was almost complete. There was only one guy left from the grading company using a vibra-plate on the gravel to compact it. Kai told me that they need to get more gravel up to complete the job on Monday.
The range hood was dry and back to a much lighter color than when wet! I need to paint my garland on it, but was feeling to nervous to do it today. I also did not have all the tools I need, but that was just an excuse—really, I need to be in the mood to do this.
Here is a better photo of the chandelier. Remember though, it is designed to be viewed from below and looks better from that angle.
The fireplace was almost dry too and looks gorgeous. I am so happy with the way it has turned out and glad that I held out for the faux chimney! The plasterers need to come back one more time to wax it, but have to wait until I paint the garland on the range hood first.
Kai was working on the base for the stove. He had some strips of wood laid down and epoxied in, then put this piece of plywood on top of them.
He got one of the electricians to help him carry the granite base in from the dining room.
They placed it on top of the plywood and pushed it back. Our stove will have a grand place to sit and any peas that fall down underneath it will be resting on a beautiful piece of stone!

I took this picture from the retaining wall by the barn. The driveway looks vast now and barren. I think it will change scale once the roof goes on the carport and it is nice to have all the parking available.

One reason the space is so large is that we are required by code to have space for a fire truck to turn around in. The smallest space allowed is a hammerhead “tee” of specific dimensions. Originally, we were concerned that we did not have enough space to meet code, but that has certainly not proved to be a problem. As the project developed, it became apparent that there would be several spaces which would qualify for the turn-around.

Here is a close-up of the front gate and the partially compacted gravel. You can also see the new sconce lights on either side of the gate. They are copper-finished cylinders which are currently shining but will tarnish to a duller brown as time goes on.
The front door from the inside looks wonderful. Kai did manage to get the door knobs installed but we have not installed the clavos yet.

The two light fixtures in the library were installed. The hanging one was a gift from my mother. It raises and lowers and we have it positioned to be a reading light over a future couch.

I am not so sure about the ceiling fixture. I looked and looked for something to coordinate with the pull-down light, but could not—for the life of me—find a good looking ceiling fixture in the same finish. I decided on these bullet lights in verdigris finish but they are mighty turquoise. Hopefully when the room is furnished they will fit it. They will certainly be functional, with one light aimed at one set of bookcases and the other light aimed at the other set.

One of Jim’s grandparents’ glass shades got hung in the little hall between the guest room and the library. I was worried about using the chrome fixture in here—rust or oil-rubbed bronze would be better—but really, you don’t see the fixture at all, just the shade (and the alarm system parts).
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